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Artist Statement:


The explicit act of applying the paint and constructing the image is as interesting to me as is the subject or theme of the painting.  I like my work to have a tactile sensory appeal as well as being a dialogue of ideas.  I am working in acrylics on panels stretched with burlap that is then sized with plaster. Painting on burlap instead of canvas presents distinct challenges but provides singular results.  It is reminiscent of viewing a 'detail' of a canvas painting with the expanded lush texture pulling the viewer in for a closer look.


All of my paintings have two or more related or contrasting images cropped, spliced, and interwoven to forge a new structure.  Images are sourced from anything that interests me; from mythology to popular culture, from science to design, from geometry to the human form.  The attempt is to find the interrelationships of the images and allow them to parent uncharted results.  My interests are diverse yet they emerge from what I am and it is my hope that by simply painting what interests me and finding the patterns that result I will provide my unique expression.

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