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the artist:

Avery Tanner has been passionate about the arts since childhood. He studied Fine Arts/Visual Arts at York University working largely in acrylics, oils, and mixed media.  In addition he was known to present elaborate performance art pieces involving dance, movement, and sculptural elements combined with soundscapes he created combining tape-loops of found sounds with synthetic and acoustic music.  He went on to a 35 year career as a full-time DJ.  He began at the dawn of the 80s by pioneering alternative music at his residency in Toronto’s fabled Klub Domino, and nights at the seminal Twilight Zone along with other ground breaking clubs.  After those vanguard days he moved on to an eight year stint at the legendary Big Bop. In ’92 he moved to New York City where he followed his calling to the historic Webster Hall.  In his twenty years there he worked alongside of, and shared billing with, uncounted numbers of top name acts.  He has recently returned to Canada and while working the occasional DJ event in Toronto he is now living in Hamilton and has reunited with his first love, painting. Since his return he has done an extensive body of work with the “Aluminum Quilting Society” and is currently working with events at the Cotton Factory.  He is working in acrylics on burlap panels. All works combine interwoven images with timeless universal themes.

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